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Chay Chay showcases her impressive versatility on latest visual drop “2021”

At just sixteen years old Chay Chay is making her name in the industry. The multi talented artist is a singer, actor and dancer has already appeared on Power 1051 with Dj self live show, Hot 97 DJ Drewski and XXL Magazine, an outstanding list of achievements for the upcoming artist.

Her latest release comes in the from of “2021” a single project epically shot across the city of Los Angeles, various locations are showcased including the Hollywood sign, the beach pier and a slick yellow Lamborghini shot. Eclipsed with some well placed choreography that demonstrates just some of the artists additional skills.

Her voice getting better with every new release, Chay Chay is gifted with vocal and musical maturity beyond her years. Her voice is soft, elegant but equally enticing.

Her warm energy is also transparent to see, Chay Chay clearly enjoys showing her gift to the world. Her inspirational message through music provides real and wholesome relatability for her many listeners. The artist has a strong and loyal growing fan base, in addition to catching the eye of the industry. It proves that this is just the tip of the Iceberg for the upcoming start, with the future looking incredibly bright for Chay Chay.




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