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CerVon Campbell gets personal on "Cedar Falls" (How You Doing)

The artist from South Carolina, has a knack for creating catchy and expressive records of various genre influences. With an extensive crossover career in comedy, screen writing and acting, Cervon has been busy in his creative realms.

Recently releasing his latest single "Cedar Falls" a which is a deeply personal but expressive song, strong elements of Indie Pop and light Rock filter in throughout the sequence of the song. Cervon's classic distinct vocals on full display for the listener. The song follows a heartfelt and deeply intimate narrative. With light electric guitar patterns and rolling drum loops. The chorus is infectious as it is relatable, "Smoke out by the Church You Sinner" is one of the catching lasting lyrics that spin round in the head of the listener.

Overall Cervon has made a great and brave record here, the serves it's purpose in expanding the artists vast array of differing and exciting work

listen to "Cedar Falls" here

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