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CasPark brings out smooth R&B pop jam "Take Out"

The Los Angeles based artist sets pulses racing on his new single, the latest in the midst of his fast rising career. CasPark was born in Chicago and is in musical terms what is considered an all round great, making the most of his unique and rare talents, ranging from production, vocals, writing and of course instruments. He is also sponsored by Ableton, which is no surprise given his astounding skills.

A highly experienced and keen live performer, he has played with his previous band at various prestigious LA venues with numerous sold out shows.

Moving on to his new single entitled "Take Out."which is a smooth, summer sensual hit. Cas keeps things striped back with soft clicks, gentle twinkling synth piano and those classic velvet like vocals.

Simple but wonderfully effective, the song contains a killer for a hook "I'll bring back your favourite take out." Says the artist as the listener is immersed in erotic sonical sensations.

There is always the danger with these kind of songs that the subject matter can become overly pushed and sometimes cheesy, there is no such thing with CasPark's song, here everything feels natural, never forced, or overly sexual, the balance is perfect.

The mixing again is another high point here, the sharp vocals and effects include some greatly placed reverb and delay, adding to the mood of the piece creating a nice level of ambience.

Overall CasPark has really showcased himself incredibly well here, no doubt the single will continue to be a huge success online among new and original fans.



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