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C4C is back with a brand new mix genre album Folk-Hop Vol. 2

The artist who has worked with the likes of Chillhop Records, Lofi Records, Dreamhop, Hip Dozer and Chill Select has earned his badge of experience over the years and he now focuses his attention on his second LP "Folk-Hop Vol.2" Releasing on June the 11th.

The album consists of thirteen tracks, each with their own unique presence and style.

It was imperative to C4C that the body of work was both unique and experimental whilst paying homage to the legends of both Folk and Hip Hop music such as Bob Dylan, Sons of the East and Hollow Coves.

The project itself is a carefully crafted collection of music. Elegant instrumentals with some wonderfully played harmonica's, soothing acoustic guitars and ambient background vocals are just some of the highlights.

"Coffee Talk" is the opener and sets the tone of the album well, the mix of genres is quite simply a wonderful choice by an artist who knows exactly how to transport ideas from the mind right to the forefront of the production table.

Songs like "Less of Me"contain some of the most reflective works on the album and is only a number of songs with a lead vocal. "Last call" almost feels like a Middle Eastern influenced record with some interesting instrument choices.

The album definitely has clear consistency throughout, never steering away from the intention of the project. Whilst some of the songs are more sombre than others C4C has done a great job on keeping things flowing from a collective perspective.

The concluding track "Jesus" is quite an emotional song, with some strong words that a lot of people may be able to relate to in this day and age.

"Folk-Hop VOL.2" is everything C4C described it as and he has done incredible justice to the folks who laid the foundations for his music and inspiration.


Album teaser:


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