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"By a Moon": CatchTwentyTwo's Haunting yet relatable Ode to Loneliness

In the realm of DIY music CatchTwentyTwo's single "By a Moon" emerges as a hauntingly beautiful tribute to the universal experience of loneliness and solitude. Catch Twenty Two is an artist we love covering thanks to his incredible talent unlike any other.

Produced entirely in the artist's bedroom, this track showcases the power and authenticity that can be achieved through self-driven creativity. With echoes of Grimes and influences from the 80s, CatchTwentyTwo creates a gritty and unique sound that captivates listeners. Let's delve deeper into the elements that make "By a Moon" an exceptional piece of music. Showcasing the artist's willingness to embrace the uniqueness that emerges from making music.

Drawing inspiration from the early days of Grimes, CatchTwentyTwo infuses "By a Moon" with a sound that transports listeners to the past while maintaining a modern edge. The pulsating bass synth and the driving rhythm of the four-on-the-floor kick and snare create a powerful sonic foundation. It's a blend that pays homage to the 80s era while incorporating

At the heart of "By a Moon" lie its poignant lyrics, which eloquently express the feeling of being alone. CatchTwentyTwo captures the universal longing for space and retreat with the simple yet evocative chorus the single becomes a cathartic release, with CatchTwentyTwo using his music as an outlet for his emotions in a deeply personal and relatable way. Another classic from this ever impressive artist. STREAM THE SONG HERE:



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