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Buddhakai and Gallo Locknez release unstoppable collaboration single “No Brakes”

Buddhakai and Gallo Locknez are back with a high intensity collaboration single, entitled “No Brakes.” The song is an adrenaline fuelled Hip Hop banger. Backed by hard hitting 808’s and an upbeat array of production.

Armed with an additive hook the single is the definition of a turn up anthem.

Lyrically the song showcases a motivating set of bars, oozing with self belief and rugged edginess. With vocals that float effortlessly over the beat fitting perfectly with the tone of the record.

Accompanied by a stunning visual, the song features both artists who’s each musical talents bring something unique and distinctly original to the track. Layered with some seriously impressive special effects, the video is all out action, the artists mesmerising the audience with their on screen confidence. Both being natural performers, it makes for a pleasure to watch. Shooting in what seems like a deserted rail track, the visual really brings out a major cinematic feel, especially with some the overhead camera shots, performances and production.

Producer Gallo Locknez and Buddhakai also used the single as part of their highly anticipated collaboration album “Take Off”

As an independent artist and producer Gallo is the rapper behind the NBA SOUND UP tracks and also the voice and music production behind the infamous Canelo vs GGG 2 Boxing Rematch. Gallo also has produced for many tv shows such as Love and Hip Hop and Black Ink. In addition to producing for ESPN, NFL, Netflix and projects both nationally and internationally.

Collaborator Buddhakai is a truly dynamic rapper based in Denver, with personal and sonic roots firmly planted in New Jersey. The Wu-Tang comparison is easy to draw given his incredibly forceful delivery over boom bap, and penchant for using vocal inflection and cadence switch-ups to sound like multiple characters. He’s a proud and sober man of God, and while for most artists that means one-dimensional storytelling, for Buddhakai it means the opposite.





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