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Brian Field concludes his year in signature style with enigmatic new album “Vocal Works.”

Over the years Brian Field has received numerous accolades and awards for his music. Starting on his musical journey at eight years of age, the artist began studying piano and began composing at just sixteen. The years that followed saw Brian gain various degrees in his craft culminating with both a Masters and Doctorate degree.

It was clear that Brian’s natural gifts for composition would lead him to where his is today, providing music for television, stage and live orchestral performances both domestically and internationally. A versatile and uniquely talented musician, Brian has expertise in many genres ranging from Jazz, solo acoustic and orchestral works.

Now he is back with a stunning thirteen track album titled: “Vocal Works.” An impressive collaboration project.

Album opener, “By and By” sets the mood of the album, with powerful ensemble work from the Budapest chorus Brian and Marton Toth.

3 Canciones de Amor No.1, Pena Mujer, Manzana Carnal follows up with some superb solo vocals and mesmerising strings, possibly showcasing some of the best string performances on the album. The vocals here are particularly smooth, sudden switches in tone from the lead vocalist, create some sincere emotional vibes. From powerful chest voice belts to more delicate vibrato touches, the song is a whirlwind of drama and bliss, choreographed by Brian.

“Lets Build Wall” is a more contemporary switch up providing some light and uptempo instrumental offerings. Sweet vocals and some clever lyrics delivered with strong conviction.

Follow up tracks like “Chimneys” is a live recorded performance that almost immerses the audience and listener in the room another bold and strong performance all around.

The rest of the albums concluding chapter unveils further live performances of Chimneys: No.2 Goodby Betty, Don’t Remember Me, Chimneys: No 4, When You Rang, at Dick Mid’s Place and Chimneys: No.5 Kitty, Sixteen, 5’1, White, Prostitute. All songs of imagery and heavy stories that are conveyed impeccably by Brian, Edward Whalen and Veronica Tomanek.

Overall a highly well performed project packed with exciting and out worldly variation, the live sections make for a real treat and Brian has yet again showcase his array musical gifts and talent.



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