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Boris Tesic delivers masterful showcase of musicianship on new album “Anette’s Dream”

Boris Tesic is an artist that offers a unique and distinct offering in his music. The award winning bosnian/slovenian guitarist lives in Germany and brings listeners variating notes of classical and contemporary genre influences. His new project entitled “Anette’s Dream” is a feature album with Klaus Rothkegel. The album is a full length body of work culminating in Twenty Eight tracks in total.

What is noticeably different and appealing about the project is it’s simplicity and organic instrumentation. There is something beautiful, personal and deeply reflective about Boris Tesic’s guitar playing. Album opener "Homage A Carulli", Marcia Di Corona and "Nostalgisches" all set the tone of the album, taking the listener on an intimate journey with both subtle and more intense moments. The rapid guitar licks are impressive even mesmerising in parts.

Boris Tesic is without a doubt a masterful technician when it comes to his craft, this is showcased throughout the album with lush soft notes combined with stunning octave switches, pentatonic notes and a mix of sombre and uplifting moods.

Even with such a lengthy run time the album never outstays it’s welcome, with each track providing contrast and something a little different. One of the more Bluesy songs on the album comes in the form of “Traffic Light” a short yet powerful track that can only be listened to in order to capture it’s true feeling, impressive playing to say the very least. “Dark Night” is also one of the most experimental tracks on the project, spacious, dark and striped back. The song is a delicate yet refreshing entry, there is a sure and sincere beauty in it’s stillness.

20 Miniaturen” A Dream” bring some European Spanish tones with flickering guitar licks transporting the listener to a deserted world of reflection.

The album ushers in a new era at it’s midway point, with the 10 Miniaturen collection of tracks. These numbers are focused on more contemporary genres and make for a really nice addition to the album. They also flow really well, which is a credit to the artists structure and planning of the album.

The concluding section of the album is a blended mix of heartwarming, saddening and emotional offerings. Perhaps the most fitting ending comes in the form of “Eternal Love” It’s an angelic track, a ballad and showcase of admiring musicianship, elegance and heartwarming tones. Overall Boris Tesic has unveiled some of his most impressive work here. He has shown how even music in it’s most raw and most simple form can move, inspire, create and entertain. This is not something that many artists can do easily, however Boris Tesic seemingly can do it easily.




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