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Bongo Boy Records deliver epic collaboration album II Knight Volume III

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Kryp II Knight Volume III is the latest collaboration album curtesy of Bongo Boy Records

The album is an eleven track collection of variating hits and heavy Rock jams. Covering a wide depth of alternating genre tones and intensity levels, the variety on display here is undeniably impressive.

Opener “Hey America’s Burning-Unite The States Project” is the perfect opener, setting the tone for what is to come. With electric guitar flicks and crisp husky vocals. Follow ups “The Crash feat. Last Obelisk” is a hard hitting step up with a stunning drop and a more dark orientated vibe.

“Pretty Blackmore -You Didn’t Call” and “MaryAnn -The Outsider” offer a nice mid point interlude over the course of the album. They both halt the brakes from an instrumental perspective allowing the glistening vocals to shine through and take centre focus a nod to more Indie influences here with some of the best lyrics showcased across the entire body of work.

The rest of the album progresses well, feeling like a cohesive well put together album whilst each artist featured brings there own unique and distinct style, nothing feels out of place. Songs such as “Clark Ford- I’m Not A Bad Guy feat. Underground Treehouse” and

“OBLIVEA- One More Try”are definite highlights on the album before closing out with the grand and well earned instrumental finale. “Grit’s Guitar-Edge of Eternity feat. Harold Grit”



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