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Big O releases solid album of groovy bliss "The Mind's Mirror.

Orlando Tunrner also known by his artist name Big O, has made quite the name for himself when it comes to his music. The artist who is originally from the US, spent time in Atlanta, Alabama and Florida, before moving over to the UK and calling London home.

Working and collaborating with a variety of hot up and coming names, the artist has received a traction of support from industry tastemakers and listeners.

His latest album is entitled, “The Mind's Mirror” is a twenty track collection of blissful soulful Hip Hop. Acoustic tones are frequent over the course of the project, the artist certainly knows how to keep listeners engaged with his carefully crafted style of groovy production. Catchy guitar licks are a welcoming addition in many of the songs as is the addictive piano hits and synths. What seems the most impressive feat of the album is just how well the whole project flows, it’s simply flawless.

Every effort has been made to make this sound like a collective body of work. Nothing feels out of place here, a rare occurrence in todays industry. Big O cleverly mixes one track into another, it almost feels like the entire album is one big song. This is a real credit to the artists skill level.

The samples also work incredibly well, effortlessly blending in with each track and the overall leading themes of the project.

This is easily one of the best projects we have covered this year, were pretty sure Big O’s listeners will feel the same!

STREAM “The Mind's Mirror” Here:


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