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Big O drops glistening masterpiece on instrumental album “The Complexity” instrumentals”

Orlando Turner, also known as Big O, is an artist from the US who now resides in London. We have had the pleasure of covering Big O on a number of occasions and he is an artist that truly lets his music do the talking. Gaining a significant following over the last number of years, Big O thrills his fans and listeners with his latest full LP offering entitled:

“The Complexity” instrumentals. Which is the sole instrumental version of the artists collaboration project with New Jersey/Philly based artist P-Rawb.

Lo Fi chill glimmers are apparent from the opening, with Big O bringing his distinct vibe and array of soothing soundscapes that mesmerise and glisten throughout. Contrast and mixed tempo offerings are on full display with songs such as “Crush” taking things up a notch while “SoulScape” does wonders for internalised self reflection an uplifting track that makes the listener fee like conquering the world. “Dear Anthony” feels like a step back in time to the days of 90’s glory Hip Hop, a stunning nostalgic number that fits right at home on the album.

“Good Company brings out the swag and sophistication on the project, a great way to start the conclusion of the album. The closing song “Lost my Mind” is a sombre and thought provoking track that provides a nice outro. Big O never ceases to amaze, yet again showcasing his elite production skills on this instrumental album."



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