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Big O and L.O.U. deliver five star classic album Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind)

Returning with a stunning collaboration album Big O joins focus with the highly talented US wordsmith, vocalist and rapper L.O.U. Produced entirely by Big O, the album takes the listener on a true journey of heartfelt confessions and poetic imagery.

The project also features various features from a number of artists. Big O provides some wonderful intro’s to the tracks setting the scene for some great monologues story confessions from the lead vocalist. Big O also brings a fine array of melodic and vocal samples that back up his distinct Hip Hop style.

Big O is one of only a short list of producers that has an aura of individuality, his music is distinctly him, Big O doesn't sound like anyone else, he immerses himself in his originality. The twelve tracks include extensive live instruments which make the album feel that much more real and personal.

The duo really go the extra mile when it comes the to creation of this project. Big O also makes concise effort to make some truly great outros, the icing on the cake here. It’s worth noting how well the mixing and mastering is too, everything is in perfect unison and form.

Big O also makes sure that this body of work flows well, with no song feeling oddly out of place, the entire album is a sonic story of amazing music surprises and catchy hits, layered with sincerity and conviction.





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