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Big O and Tranzformer elevate us in instrumental album The art of duplexity (beat tape)

The art of duplexity is indeed a piece of art all in itself thanks to Big O’s and Tranzfoemer's magical touch. The Hip Hop producer is back again with the transfixing new album collaboration project. A twelve track abundance of sonic blends offering futuristic tones and some more classical Hip Hop vibes

Openers “Dream Walkin” and “Blast off” offer all the grandeur we would expect from the producer, elevating the listener to a higher plane of charisma and glitzy charm, they are wise choices that command the listeners attention.

“Robot girl” and “Cake Mode” are more laid back reflective numbers, relying on more subtle and spacey production. Big O is well known for versatile production style, using an array of soundscapes to paint his expressive musical picture. As the album progresses Big O utilises his vast collection of samples to add some vocal spice and old school nostalgia, those that follow the producer closely know that this is his signature, as evidently made clear in the songs “Soul Bagin” and “Believe in L.O.V.E”

Closing out in Big O fashion we arrive at “Day Dreaming” a bold and inspirational track with some wonderful violin strings and catchy drum kicks. “Celestial Sphere” is a heavenly escape of relaxation and Jazzy bliss, this song just oozes sensuality, a highlight of the album in every way.

Finally we arrive at “Lost in the crates” a slightly more uptempo vibe with a slick guitar riff ending. Overall Big O ticks every box with flying colours and has yet again proven why he is one of the best in the game.




INSTAGRAM: @the.real.bigo




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