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Big Bus Dream ignite memories of the past on "Giant In My Mind"

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Passionate and intense are just some of the words that come to mind on Mike Shannon's latest full length album. The lead single "Giants In My Mind" offers extensive emotional depth and feeling.

The song does a great job of taking the listener to another world and place. To the younger days of the past that always seem to escape us, Mike does a great job of letting us know that he also was once like this, making for a most sincere and relatable song.

The inevitable reality is that we all face father time, it is of course the only thing we cannot escape or run from, it catches us all one way or another. Mike states this reality with a wonderful acoustic song, soft tender vocals, set the tone for some beautifully arranged guitar playing and almost velvet like instrumental touches

Mike showcases his elegant voice, making for a great listen, his voice one of great warmth, character and tenderness.

Overall Mike has really brought us an absolute gem of an nostalgic acoustic jam. The songs on the album being a nothing short of an emotional yet powerful musical reflection.



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