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BG Dotty releases hard hitting "Live & You Learn"

The Massachusetts rapper who already has two mixtapes under his belt releases the new single with an assist from female vocalist "Karmaa" The song follows a narrative of the artist who has experienced the negative side of the streets. Using it to mould his future. The challenging time enabled him to grown not only with his sound but in all aspects of life. In terms of production the song is not a classical hip hop anthem but offers so much more, the hook mingles with attractive R&B tones and is complimented well with the entry of the additional featured artists. The song is mixed perfectly with the vocals panning blissfully behind the lush beat. Notes of anxiety, depression and suicide come to the forefront in some of the lyrics. A subject that effects so many today and a really relatable subject matter. BG will be following up with two mixtapes in the near future, in addition to working on his own entrepreneurial projects. Stream "Live and You Learn" here


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