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Bev releases new album of blissful wonder "Crusher"

Bev is an artist in every sense of the word. A strong feminist, the artist uses her musical platform to enlighten and provide food for thought.

With influences of the 70's Bowie era among with a variety of other similar influences Bev brings an organic and natural Instrumental feel to her music.

Her much anticipated new album release entitled "Crusher" is an eleven track body of work. It showcases the artists versatile capabilities both as a songwriter, musician and vocalist.

The album is nicely put together with each song on the record offering something a little different, providing a natural and evenly balanced contrast.

There is a more detailed focus on the acoustics with the album and it works. It's a brave choice by the artist to keep things to the basics, guitars, organic drums and of course the vocals are great.

Bev's vocals are smooth often delicate and blend well with the backing on the album. Hints of Indie, Rock and subtle Pop filter throughout the course of the album and offer a good amount of variation. In conclusion Bev has really brought out her A game on the latest record, no doubt her fans and followers will be abundantly pleased with the album




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