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Bethan Wyn releases funky smooth classic "Get To Know You"

Soft vocals, gorgeous harmonies and magnificent background vocals. With a tone that feels incredibly nostalgic similar to the legendary Kate Bush, it's clear that Bethan Wyn has indeed arrived.

The UK singer has showcased an outstanding amount of talent on her latest single entry.

The lyrics, straight forward and direct. Bethan is a figure of power, her voice and lyrics arrive with a commanding presence.

Carefully placed guitar riffs accompany the background vocals adding a genuine authenticity to the track. The concluding section of the song also brings in an awesomely impressive guitar solo, not too intense and arriving just in the right time on the single.

Bethan has kept things simple on production overall, choosing to focus on her vocal delivery, Bethan has been releasing some classic covers over the past year, so it made sense that her original single really showed her full capabilities as a multi talented artist.

"Get To Know You"is the perfect addition to Bethan's discovery, a great project especially given this is only one of her first original releases.

It's exciting to see exactly where 2021 will take Bethan on her musical journey but we can't wait to find out.



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