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Baklava Express have arrived with their stunning Middle Eastern debut album "Dávka"

Baklava Express is a world music ensemble based in New York City that has recently emerged on the music scene with their debut album project entitled "Dávka". Their music is a celebration of the rich and diverse musical traditions of the Middle East, blending both traditional and contemporary sounds to create a unique and innovative sound.

Despite being their first full body of work, the band displays remarkable musical maturity. Each song on the album flows effortlessly into the next, every member of the collective working in unison to create an ambience of articulate sound and distinct Middle Eastern tones. Their instrumental melodies are deeply rooted in culture and music from centuries ago, providing listeners with a glimpse into the rich musical heritage of the region.

What sets Baklava Express apart is their ability to transport the listener into another world altogether. Their music is not just a collection of sounds, but a journey that takes the listener on a cultural exploration. It's easy to imagine oneself sitting in a busy bazaar listening to the lush sounds of Baklava. The band's music effortlessly showcases all the elements of drama, imagery, storytelling, and emotion, making it easy for any single from the album to fit into a Hollywood blockbuster.

The album itself is a collection of original compositions that draw inspiration from the rich and diverse musical traditions of the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and Eastern Europe. Their unique blend of styles and influences creates a sound that is familiar yet innovative. Instruments native to the region, such as the oud, qanun, and darbuka, are featured alongside more familiar western instruments like guitar, bass, and violin. The resulting sound is a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles that appeals to both seasoned world music enthusiasts and those new to the genre.

In an age where the true essence of real musicianship and artistry is often blurred, a band like Baklava Express offers hope and faith in the modern age.

Their music is a celebration of tradition that is presented in a way that is accessible and appealing to a wider audience. It is clear that the band is committed to preserving the musical heritage of the Middle East while also innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the genre.

Baklava Express are quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry. The band's celebration of tradition and innovation is a testament to their commitment to preserving musical heritage while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the genre. We cannot wait for what is next in store for this once in a lifetime band.




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