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"BAD" is the Powerful debut single from Storm and Stone.

"You can't hide from me" is the opening line from the family trios debuting piece of musical art. They were all born from humble beginnings in the rural blue mountains. Maintaining a close family bond, with early influences of Dolly Parton and Led Zeppelin forging their musical aspirations.

Fast forward many years later the trio are well travelled and possesses an incredible maturity in their music. August, Auriel and Hallelujah are now ready to take centre stage with their hit debut single.

We being with the opening vocals setting the pace of the record, the stakes are high, the mood tense. Intense guitar riffs make there entrance. The harmonies and backing vocals are also absolutely lush creating a vibrant and full sound behind the lead vocals. The song definitely has some folk vibes and has Dolly written all over it. From a production standpoint it's wonderfully organic, the drums blend in well and feel like a well appointed accompanying feature on the track. The ending vocals feel like a throwback to the pinacle Destiny's Child days. With layered high notes making a defining climatic impact.

Overall the song is an uplifting and powerful debut. Something tells us this is the start of something very special.

Listen to Storm and Stone's debut song here:

INSTAGRAM: @stormandstoneofficial

FACEBOOK @stormandstone


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