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B'zurkk unleashes new single "Entirety"

Updated: May 21, 2021

The artist who is based out of Englewood Colorado, has returned with a fresh hard hitting single.

Not one to shy away from transparent and up front lyrics B'zurkk brings out all the stops in his latest offering.

A classic Hip Hop record coated with significant trap influences "Entirety" demonstrates B'zurkks impressive lyrical capabilities, the artists raps in effortless flow over the subtle but sonic heavy beat.

Possessing an intense but thought provoking tone and delivery the artists chooses to let his words to the talking. Speaking on the various and intricate hardships and ways of life that has made him into who he is today. "Entirety" does allow the listener to gain a more in depth insight into the artists life and story through his music.

A clear and conclusive winner with fans and followers alike, the artist along with his studio team continue to create lasting and note worthy impressions with each and every release.

"Entirety" is just one of the many releases that are creating a fundamental lasting legacy and discovery for the artist



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