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Aztec flow deliver stunning new single entitled “Focus"

Aztec flow is back with a stunning new single entitled “Focus.” The Mexican Australian rapper has been steadily making a name for himself with a consistent number of highly successful releases over the last number of years. His latest release “Focus” bings all the elements and tones that the artist is known for.

Articulate wordplay combined with hot headed lyricism and an undeniable catchy chorus. The production on Focus is distinctly different to the commercial trends of today. A mixed genre presentation of nostalgic Hip Hop, wavey Lo Fi notes and even some sprinkles of Trap.

Aztec has no problems dropping lyrical lessons to his listeners hoping on the beat with effortless ease, the artist builds up towards to trombone sampled infused chorus. It feels like this song was perfectly made for Aztec, everything fits impeccably well, another solid entry from this exciting upcoming artist



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