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Aurora releases emphatic new album “Attempted Eradication of a Light Entity.”

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Aurora is an artist we covered previously, now returning with an emphatic new album entitled “Attempted Eradication of a Light Entity.” The album is a thirteen track body of work and above all contains some of the artists most experimental music to date.

The album itself has a lot of acoustic instrumentals which provides a natural organic feel something that the project seems to be focusing on. As a whole the project feels immensely spiritual, with some meditative vibes featuring consistently throughout the album. In what is a predominantly a project without any kind of real vocal lead, the artist does well at keeping the wheels of excitement rolling with futuristic synths and abstract sounds some of which can’t even be described by the listener, a real credit to Aurora’s unmatched creative expression.

In a world where this kind of music is often overlooked by mainstream appeal, it's wonderfully refreshing to listen to an album that oozes individuality with an artist that takes confidence in their true self.

Overall it really feels like Aurora has really pushed the boundaries on this latest album, with many brave choices, the album definitely feels like an abstract journey decisively and carefully crafted together. An impressive highlight album for the artist indeed.



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