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April Gallo shares intimate new single “Time Of Day”

April Gallo, is an artist that oozes natural charisma and a golden voice with it, hailing from Brunswick, Australia. Mellow and organic instrumentation have become a staple of her music, along with her soulful bluesy vocals that you can never get enough of. Her musical journey began in her living room, where she took close inspiration from the likes of Jorja Smith and Joy Crookes.

Her latest release “Time Of Day” is a Jazzy infused mixed genre track, that showcases the artists flawless vocal melisma. Sensual bass starts things off right before April’s vocals appear, her range on full display right from the begging. The song is blend of easy listening and Indie Jazz. “Time Of Day” has a natural build that takes the listener from soft musical elegance to a powerful concluding outro. Lyrically April keeps things intimate, offering the audience a glimpse into her world, empowering self reflecting lyricism is a credit to her artistry and impressive songwriting ability.

April shared her creative inspiration behind the record:

“I was at breaking point, screaming to be heard. I had been under the illusion that I could make things work with a partner, but it suddenly clicked that if they cannot respect my need for personal boundaries, nothing is ever going to get better.”

The chorus is also beautifully arranged, appearing at just the right time and not overdone in any way, April’s voice effortlessly merges over the soft beat perfectly.”

April has gone from strength to strength over the last year, with “Time Of Day” being another solid entry that highlights her ever expanding catalogue.






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