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Annie Elise releases electro Pop song of the year contender with "We Can Pretend"

Twenty year old Annie Elise is as versatile as they come, a musician, singer, writer and producer her talent is truly endless. One of her achievements outside of creating music was delivering a talk about synesthesia at TEDxLancaster that has gained over 115k views.

Now Annie focus on the release of her captivating new single entitled "We Can Pretend"

"You ever wake up when your fast asleep" is the opening line as Annies vocals enter, soft, intimate and deeply resonating. The electro Pop production is out of this world, backed by Annie's sharply mixed layered head voice vocals.

Annie has made this appear effortless, her ability to not only write but create records of this quality is beyond impressive, still only in the early stages of her career, the real question is how far can she take this? In our opinion, very far indeed.

The single is only two minutes in length and it only makes us wish this was longer. The chorus is as addictive as the beat which is constantly offering new twists and elements, Annie does an excellent job with the wavy reverb backed vocals appearing at the 01:15 breakdown.

Overall Annie Elise, is a name we should all be paying close attention to, if her latest single has taught us anything, it is that she is an artist that possess all the elements to leave a real mark on the industry in the years ahead.



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