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Ace Bermuda solidifies his come back with adrenaline fuelled banger “WTF Is Ace Bermuda”

Catchy, dark, sinister and downright addictive Ace Bermuda has delivered a straight banger on his latest offering entitled “WTF Is Ace Bermuda” The artist who has founded a talented music collective, sees various artists hop on the track adding their own creative flairs of individuality.

The song is an uptempo hit, with distorted vocals starting things off, building slow but sure anticipation. The heavy baseline is a constant feature that is showcased throughout. The song marks one of the tracks formed part of Ace Bermuda’s musical comeback. If this is quality of music we can expect from the artist going forward then his growing listeners are in for a real treat.

The bars delivered by US artist Profiiit really add another level of intensity to the record, it almost feels like the adrenaline fuelled beat fits perfectly for his tone and lyrical flow. Adding an additional layer to the track is UK based artist Jada Freeman, who’s vocals really shine bright on the track, with some nice R&B tones. Her feature is a definite highlight on the record.

The song also showcases a multitude of genre influences, both Hip Hop and electronic vibes are brought to the forefront here allowing the listener to be taken on a rollercoaster of a journey. Impressively this works incredibly well. Often genre mashups can sound distorted and out of place, however there is a perfect blend here with the production which makes for a stunning listen. Overall Ace Bermuda has brought out all the stops on his new single and something tells us that this is only just the beginning.





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