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A Cry to “Bring Me Home”

NASHVILLE, TN - It’s not often that a song about death is both sweet and seriously sad, but John Michael Ferrari accomplishes both beautifully in “Bring Me Home”, which is the lead single off of his latest EP titled “Soldiers Prayer”.

Knowing the backstory of this song only makes it hit home harder: it was written when John Michael Ferrari’s faithful dog was passing away from old age, and he’s singing about as if it were he, and not his dog, who was dying. Anyone who’s ever had a pet can attest to the heart ache of losing them - it really is losing a family member, and writing about his old dog so honestly makes for an emotional experience.

John Michael Ferrari has established himself as a fantastic performer and songwriter, and the proof goes beyond his expertly produced music. In 2020, his track “Like a Rock and Roll Band” received the “Peace Song of the Year” award from the Art 4 Peace foundation. “Soldiers Prayer” flirts with this line between tragic and triumphant, with the themes of the songs dancing around death and love.

Listen to “Soldiers Prayer” on all streaming platforms, and learn more about the acclaimed singer/songwriter at

Find more information on his YouTube page at John Michael Ferrari Singer Songwriter, and listen to this updated version of a one of a kind, patriotic anthem at the following link: 

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