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Sun Affair dazzle with 70's throwback single "After All This Time."

Sun Affair, offer something a little different when it comes to their music. Drawing warmth of the 70’s sun affair, the artists effortlessly brings a whole atmospheric feel of nostalgic epicness. Drawing in from various genre influences Sun Affair have certainly raised the bar in their latest single.

Mesmerising listeners with their latest single entitled “After This Time.” The song is a display of vocal brilliance from Sun Affair, rugged, heartfelt but at the same time elegant and sung with conviction. Backed by trumpets, gorgeous piano playing and some wonderful vocal layered harmonies. The song has some similarities to a Jamiroquai record especially with the lead vocals.

Sun Affair never case to fail when it comes to creating catchy hooks. The song not only possess a highlight worthy chorus but also a non stop catchy feel throughout the song.

With numerous singles and an EP released over the last couple of years, Sun Affair are remaining consistent with their releases, continually raising the bar with their display of musical charisma and solid records.




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