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26 Years Young make an impressive display with new album "Almost Where"

Almost Where is the powerful new album by 26 years young. The band are a mysterious and character driven unit. With a truly exciting and dramatic backstory behind their music, based in a futuristic world.

Their music is almost an extension of their already impressive style. Arriving with their latest album the band have brought out all the stops for their latest offering. The nine track project is a collection of varied genre classics. Opener and mood setter “Angel or Alien” is a stunning Indie nostalgic throwback, showcasing stunning guitar solos and a chorus catchy enough for any hit station out there.

As the album progresses the tone switched to more uptempo ballads with tracks such has the harmonica infused “Between UsTwo” Follow up “Breath With You” is a heartfelt offering that again holds some strong Indie and Rock themes.

The bands stadium ballad is easily “Take Your Time” it has bags of confidence and large instrumental feel along with the reverb flooded vocals.

The rest of the album closes things out in an impressive, “Till the End” has some beautiful guitar flickers with it’s uptempo vibe. With “Almost where” and “Perfect plan” concluding the project in true 26 Years Young style.

Overall a high quality album from the band, fans will agree that these guys are ones to watch for the future.



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